Outlet apparel importer

We offer new clothes and accessories, both for children and adults. We specialize in women’s clothing. Our main goal is to create a wide and rich range of outlet clothing, i.e. unused, first-class products with tags. The offer includes mainly clothes from previous seasons, the so-called. warehouse stocks or end of collections. As an importer of clothing, we try to make the available goods of the highest quality and at the same time available at a very favorable price. Clothes are checked and sorted by our team, which has many years of experience in the industry. Outlet per kg – as an outlet clothing wholesaler and direct importer, we sell clothes by the kilo and occasionally by the piece. We have prepared an exceptionally favorable offer for people who run stationary or online outlets or outlet clothing stores. We are constantly developing our offer to be able to better meet market trends and the requirements of our customers. The entire range, especially women’s clothing, which we have for sale, will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Thanks to the goods purchased from us, your clothing outlet will be able to offer its customers a wide selection of various types of clothes at attractive prices and with a guarantee of the highest quality. We encourage you to contact our wholesale team.

Women's wholesale outlet

Our offer includes clothes of well-known brands, distinguished by quality and cut at bargain prices. Clothing ideal for outlet stores and boutiques, as well as online sales. We are a company built on many years of experience in the industry, we are interested in fashion and we listen to the voices of our customers. We are distinguished by the quality of the clothes offered, the level of customer service, as well as professional advice in the selection of the assortment, as well as starting a new business. We guarantee the originality of the products! We are a direct importer of the goods we sell. Outlet does not mean old and unfashionable. Fashion does not change, fashion only comes full circle, and we consciously give clothes a second life. If you think similarly – we invite you to cooperate!​

Clothing stock - new clothing

Clothing stock - new clothing

The branded clothing available in our warehouse is imported by us from Europe and around the world and comes from surplus stock, seasonal sales and warehouse stocks. The ends of the stock outlet collection in 1 quality do not have more than 3% of defects, they usually come from previous collections. Occasionally there are so-called samples even from the same year. If the collections have a defect (2nd or 3rd grade), we inform customers about it. High-class goods imported from all over Europe and the world, careful sorting, individual approach to each client, attractive prices and professional advice – this is what we follow in Multibrand District, a company that operates as an online clothing outlet and on-site at our headquarters in Łodygowice, near Bielsko-Biała. We invite all people who care about great quality of clothes and favorable terms of cooperation with a proven and trusted importer and wholesaler to contact us. If you are interested in the latest fashion trends and branded men’s and women’s clothing at the best prices, you will find it all in our offer!

Overstock - Multibrand District clothing wholesaler

Overstock - Multibrand District clothing wholesaler

We provide supplies for shops, boutiques and online retailers. We are a proven supplier of outlet clothing, so you can rely on us. We perfectly understand how important the continuity of supplies is in our industry. Every week there are new products in our warehouse that will diversify the range of products in your store. Clothes from our warehouse that go to your outlets are not damaged or used. Outlet is not second hand. Clothes in outlets are required to be of full value and unused (of course, we are talking about a first-class outlet). However, anyone who runs a shop with this type of clothing knows that a powdered collar on a woman’s shirt or a broken zipper on trousers is not uncommon. When sorting goods, our warehouse tries to capture everything and that the goods that reach the customer are flawless. For more interesting facts, please visit our blog!

Clothing stocks - branded clothing outlet

Clothing stocks - branded clothing outlet

We understand the needs of the stores we supply and their customers. A reliable and proven supplier of outlet clothes is worth its weight in gold nowadays. Every bargain hunter for whom the label is important, but cannot afford it due to the high price of the product, knows the term outlet very well.
In outlets you will find clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories of high quality from global and respected brands, but at a lower and more affordable price. Many products in outlets come from the end of the latest collections or from previous seasons that did not sell out. There are also things that are from production surpluses, consumer returns or from warehouse residues. Depending on the size of the outlet, some deal with just one brand, but there are others that offer thousands of well-known brands. Currently, you can find an outlet in every major city in the world. In Poland, this trend is developing at a rapid pace and we can probably say that in every city we will find an outlet of one or two producers. Outlet stores offer clothes from world-renowned brands. In most outlets you will find classic clothes such as suits, shirts, trench coats, handbags and shoes, which guarantee high quality on their label. A characteristic feature of outlets is the high quality of products. We will find there high-quality products from producers from Italy, France and Spain. Standard discounts are up to 70%. It happens that you can buy goods for 10% of its value. If you manage to find something really valuable, you can save up to several hundred zlotys. Shopping in this type of stores is a very tempting proposition and our wallet and savings do not suffer. The only disadvantage of outlets is the limited choice for sizes such as 36 or 38, because clothes in this size sell at regular price and rarely reach outlets.
Shopping in such places can be a great opportunity for very slim or obese people, although it is not entirely the rule. It is worth remembering that items purchased in outlets are not covered by the warranty. When choosing the right outlet, let’s also be guided by the positive opinions of other users.

Wholesale of clothes - wholesale of women's clothing

A clothing wholesaler is where manufacturers sell their products to retail stores. It is a kind of intermediary between the manufacturer and the retail customer. Wholesalers offer a wide selection of different types of clothing, including men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. They may also specialize in specific clothing categories, such as sportswear, formal wear, or casual wear.
When a clothing store is looking for wholesale women’s clothing, there are several factors to consider. First of all, it is worth checking the reputation and long-term experience of the wholesaler. The store should choose a supplier that has a good reputation and offers high quality products. Secondly, the wholesaler’s assortment should correspond to the preferences of the store’s customers. It is important to find a supplier that offers a variety of collections and fashion trends. Thirdly, competitive prices and flexible terms of cooperation are also important for stores that strive to maximize profits.

Women’s fashion trends

Women’s fashion is a field that is constantly changing. New trends appear regularly, and women want to keep up with the latest styles. Therefore, clothing stores cooperating with women’s clothing wholesalers must be aware of the latest trends and adapt their assortments to customer expectations. Cooperation with a wholesaler that follows the latest trends and offers current collections is crucial for the success of the store.

How to find a women’s clothing wholesaler?

Finding the right women’s clothing wholesaler can be time consuming, but there are many ways to find a good supplier. First, it’s a good idea to consult other clothing stores and find out which wholesalers have had good experiences with them. Recommendations are often a valuable source of information. Secondly, the Internet offers many platforms and services that allow you to search and compare different wholesalers of women’s clothing. It is worth reading the opinions of other customers and checking whether the wholesaler meets your expectations.

Advice for clothing stores cooperating with wholesalers

Cooperation with a women’s clothing wholesaler can be very fruitful, but it is worth remembering a few tips to achieve success. First, the store should carefully plan its orders, taking into account seasonality and fashion trends. Secondly, it is worth building long-term relationships with the wholesaler and taking care of good business relations. Thirdly, the store should be flexible and adapt its orders to the needs of customers.

How to successfully cooperate with a wholesaler?

In order to maintain successive cooperation with a wholesaler that offers women’s clothes, the store must take care of several aspects. Firstly, pay for the delivered products on time. This builds trust and positive relations with the wholesaler. Secondly, it is worth communicating with the supplier regularly and informing him about your needs and expectations. Third, the store should monitor sales and respond to changes in customer preferences to adjust the assortment.

What makes us stand out

We have the most competitive prices on the market

We are a direct importer of outlet clothing with a 1st grade guarantee, all our items are new

We ship the goods within 24 hours by insured and priority mail

We try to be as flexible as possible for customers by offering several sales methods and a wide range of available packages

We guarantee you fruitful and successful cooperation! See for yourself!

Do you have questions or doubts? Contact us at +48 533 889 866 or send us a message: biuro@mdistrict.pl